In Sickness and in Health

A night, a cut
Contrast to then and now
Before papyrus fingerprint friction
After uploading central nervous system
So fridgid they stand on end
And splinter to pierce a wiki and my eyes
It stings and shudders my corpse
Laying flat unfettered by a feather
So exploration abound in sickness
And in health I do not know
Enough to select a digital Douey-Reims
Chosen another haphasardly
I simply do not care
For sickness or health
Or being or honesty
But only for myself
I'll die for you O Lord
Propelled to un-crusade
To live amongst You
I resent my godhood
Never again
For your people are mine
I am no exception
So scurry away
Believing a maze guides me
But no rat or labyrinth exists
If I am but Yours
And its hard to see
My claws as hands
That hoard and break apart
To munch on toxic refuse
Sinking in and ripping apart
In cowardice and in sickness
But in health?
I do not know what that means