Anton a devil to
Make a husband roll
In saltstained boots
On ashy floors to turn
White socks a dark grey

How handy
A man to remove them
A desire to clean
Instead of tidy his cupboard

Aa - Z14z14
A decimal away from Duey
At a snail's pace
It is done after
Stiff toes point
Toward the heavens

Her floor becomes
A pair of pig lungs
Hanging in a gymnasium
At the end of false
Leather plaguing delusional
Esoteric etsy consumers
Too much green for another
Or themself to lean on

On all fours it barks
Opens its mouth
But nothing enters
For smoke and for water
Extinguished in wallows
A narcoleptic's dream

10 minutes and snooz
After locust tearing
Each flake of wrinkled skin
Exposing an idea
Of a man to fall
Bottoms down to nowhere
Golgotha's damning vow
Cast on greater men than I

Just a thought
Passed beside a painted sky
Of blues and whites
And greys
All bright
And blinding
And terrible
And exciting

Moving along her nape
It wants it
To follow and lead
The prophesy and delight
Of a digital fig leaf