Ligament wring
Harpsichord bend
That listens and swallows
A sawtooth wrench
You wench
Down there
Hardwood sliver submit
To squash a pest
Hair soaked wet
Stomachs drown and squirm
Slapped a fever pitch
Bits of bile
Scraped shame
For the plaque
Molared within
Hunched over
Long dead
Dissolved itself
In lament
A mouldy well
Billowed in sin
Shut up
And listen
And scream
So delicious
Through swollen tongues
Stained black and bright red
Too loose?
Stay back
And tighten your noose
Crossed out
Ink scrawled
On pathetic refuse
Gauded worm
All mine
Come here
For now
His master's voice
A cell of flesh
The unwitting prison
Your body
I forbid
I withhold
As a mound of spit