I have no words to speak. Only unintelligible emotions, a staggering serenity over my soul. Siddhartha is helping to quiet and louden. His journey is so easy to internalize and at times I am caught in its quiet, and others, its noise. Because I too, a human, feel that quiet, and too, feel its noise in the context of my body mind and soul in a network of others who feel the same.

Life is a series of quiet and noise. One cannot only have one or the other. There is no changing this, and yet we are drawn to these feelings: drawn toward this awareness, drawn to try and supress one or the other, and overwhelmed by their persistance. And yet, we try and try. For what? Well to work past this awareness with our minds who make us a captive in our body that craves for one or the other.

One should not stop trying, stop the awareness that is so natural to us, but should listen to our bodies, not our minds.

What does our body tell us when we need quiet?

Our mind will play tricks on us. Our mind craves noise, oftentimes to suppress its noise.
Our body will tell us the truth. But it will be impossible to quiet the mind completely, it will always return to noise.

It is in these times that we must learn to listen to our bodies to return the balance.

One cannot truly realize oneself, to live, without one or the other. There is no joy in boundless quiet. There is no joy in boundless noise. Nary pain, nor pleasure, nor learning.

And in learning, I mean in the external and internal lessons that we may learn to recognize another aspect of this gift called life. These lessons which bind us tighter ever tighter to being, and make life truly meaningful.

We may live at a point where there is noise all around, and our shadows hide behind the mask of a teacher, but remember that these feelings are not unique to right now. These have been felt by all humans, and that will continue so long as we are here on this earth.